About Promont House

In 1983 James Kirgan willed his home, Promont, to the Greater Milford Area Historical Society. After initial renovations, the Society and its growing collection moved into the mansion at 906 Main Street. Since the move to Promont House Museum, the Historical Society has made many important accomplishments: a new roof; interior remodel of the historic house to the tenancy dates of its most famous resident, 43rd Governor John M Pattison 1879-1906; restoration of the portico; state-of-the-art heating and cooling system; removal of the exterior lead-based paint and restoration of the outside of the house, including storm windows; repair of the veranda.

The Museum

Promont House Museum is owned and operated by the Greater Milford Area Historical Society. Please learn more about the GMAHS at www.milfordhistory.net

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